Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Big Questions

When should we be asking questions?  Always!

When should we be asking BIG questions?
  • when creating a unit of study
  • during a brainstorming session
  • as a "hook" to engage learners
  • for seminar questions
  • for Think/Pair/Share discussion
  • for journaling and reflection
  • to model so that students learn how to question
  • for Independent  Study Projects
  • for Research
  • for online discussion boards
...and on and on and on...

Ask me about The Teacher's Book of BIG Questions! by Caroline C. Edison and Bob Iseminger. 

 We can work together to infuse BIG questions into everything you do!

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  1. Great post, Mrs. Hammons! I love using questions to "hook" readers at the beginning of a read-aloud! Thank you!